Every once in a while, you need to get away from your busy life and spend time with the girls.  Going on a girls weekend getaway trip can be exciting, rejuvenating, empowering and LOTS OF FUN!  However, it does take some planning and preparation.  Here are some useful tips to plan a successful and fun girls weekend getaway trip.

Say goodbye to guilt

Sometimes the thought of leaving your family or job, even just for a short period, is enough to make you feel guilty.  But there is nothing to feel guilty about.  We all need time with our friends.  Talk with your family and/or employer in advance to let them know about the weekend.  Assure your family that this will be good for all of you.  It gives your kids and husband a break as well as you.  Do the core chores before you leave so your family doesn’t feel overwhelmed while you’re away.  You will be a better wife, mom, and/or employee when you return.

Choose the right friends

The choice of friends may depend on the type of trip you’re planning.  Choose girlfriends that share your interests, will have fun, and won’t try to control every aspect of the weekend.  Discuss everyone’s expectations and work out the details together.  Delegate certain tasks such as the food, the theme and activities.  Also, consider how many will be going.

Set the date

Set the date, otherwise it likely won’t happen.  Find the most suitable date that works for you and your girl friends, and once you have decided on a date, mark it on your calendar and start planning.

Choose your destination

Here at Girlsweekendgetaway, we have included all our own previous destinations to share them with you.  Take a look at the page Where to Go.  We are BIG on budget weekends and most of the destinations are affordable and comfortable and served the purpose.  We recommend any of them for a relaxed, fun and enjoyable time.  Should you prefer to go luxury, no problem!  We will do the research and pick the best destinations for you.

Choose a theme

If you wish to have a theme for your trip, search through our Theme page for some ideas.  Should you have a particular theme in mind and would like some recommendations and ideas, no problem!  We will do the research for you.

Determine costs

Once you start planning the girls weekend getaway trip, start saving for it if necessary.  Discuss a budget with your girlfriends and stick with it so nobody is surprised by excess costs.  When you’re BIG on budget, then take the self-catering route and plan the weekend menu in such a way, that you can bring food from home and avoid spending money on fancy food.  Discuss snacks – each girl friend is responsible for bringing snacks that they would enjoy eating.  Choose a unit that is just big enough for the number of girl friends attending and divide the cost amongst all of you.  Travel together, fill up the open spaces and save on travelling expenses, by sharing the cost.  If you have a theme, then plan the meals around it and where extra costs are incurred to cater for the theme, then discuss it with your girl friends and collect the money up front if necessary.

Make it a tradition

If you make it a tradition every year around the same time, it won’t be a question of if or when, just where.

We have been going on girls’ weekend getaway trips since 2005 – more than 10 years – and we have enjoyed it so much, that we decided to increase the number of getaways to twice a year!  We go around end of February and then again around September each year.  The one in February is traditionally held on a family member’s game farm (Jakkalsdrif) where there is no electricity/power and only the basics, BUT we have battery operated lights and we burn wood to heat the water for the open roof shower!  The second getaway is usually at a new destination – we like to discover new and interesting places.

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