Where to Go?

Each and every place has its own unique good and not so good attributes, but when you are a group of girls, hanging out and having fun, then it’s not so much WHERE you are, but WHO you are with.  You can be at the most basic venue with no electricity, basic facilities and still make the most of it, because the company that you are with, makes all the difference in the world!

Here are some of the places that we have visited over the years for our girls weekend getaways.  See more pics on the Gallery page.


We were invited to a beautiful, breath taking, luxury guest lodge, just East of Pretoria – Buyani Lodge and Spa. We spent the night in super luxury and enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast the following morning.  The surroundings are very peaceful and you feel relaxed and grand at the same time. The host showed us the different venues that they have on the premises, and boy could I see one of the next girls weekends being held there.  It is private enough and whether the group is big or small, they will definitely be able to accommodate us. Visit their website:  www.buyani.co.za

Buyani Buyani2  Buyani3


This was the first trip that we took that was VERY long distance.  From Pretoria to Durban is approximately 6 1/2 hours drive, depending on traffic and the weather…AND how many times you stop along the road.  We were 9 ladies who took this trip and we hired a mini bus for convenience.   The accommodation at L’Escalier Cabanas was awesome!  Beautiful rooms, quite luxurious, right on the beach and walking distance from shops and many restaurants.   This is proper holiday accommodation and inexpensive too – definitely your money’s worth.  There is a favourite bar that we visited “Thirsty Whales” – a couple of the ladies have been there before and are almost seasonal locals…if you know what I mean.  The local people are very hospitable and friendly and we had a fabulous time!  You can visit L’Escalier on their website at: http://lescalier.co.za/

Accommodation     Accommodation2    View from flat2Room     Room2   Room3Groupie     Groupie4     Drinking in public


The pictures below are taken at my brother’s game farm, Jakkalsdrif, near Koster and we go there at least once a year.

The road from Pretoria to Kokoriba, other side of Hartbeespoort dam, is not the nicest road to travel.  There are several potholes on that road and it’s best to go there in daylight.  It is a quite a small resort, but all we needed was a comfortable place to stay and some privacy, for we are often silenced at resorts due to us playing games until the wee hours of the morning and that is not something we do quietly! Visit their website at:  www.kokoriba.co.za


The road to Mountain View Game Lodge seemed quite long from Pretoria, but it was definitely worth it!  It was one of the more expensive places that we have visited, because it was more luxurious than most of our other destinations.  We stayed in luxury tents and we had our “own” lapa away from other guests and a jacuzzi to our disposal as well.  We made good use of those facilities.  The hospitality that we received was great and we even went on a game drive and had sundowners by a bom fire.  It was awesome!  However, our ladies’ weekends are all about having fun and playing games, so we did not spend too much time, enjoying the sunset and the quietness of the game resort.  Go check out their accommodation on the following website:  http://www.planyourholiday.co.za/home/limpopo/mookgopong-naboomspruit/mountainview-game-ranch/view-details


In 2013 we camped out in bush tents on the Preller House property and it was reasonably comfortable and very private and secure.  We were the only guests there and it was great having the place all to ourselves!  We received great hospitality and a good breakfast was served.  There is a swimming pool to your disposal, should you feel like cooling off.  Nearby attractions include quad biking, absailing, river rafting, fishing, etc. for the adventurous.  Next door is Bobbejaanskloof caravan park where our very special friends run a caravan park which includes bush tents as well.  They have a very attractive pool bar and often live entertainment.  Go check them out at their website:  www.bobbejaanskloof.co.za

Preller House – Heritage site



At Rustenburg Kloof there are different types of accommodation to choose from and they are very neat and spacious. There is a heated and cold water swimming pools and a super tube. There is also a hiking trail that you can take up to a waterfall in the kloof.  It is a very clean resort and quite popular and busy at times.   You can visit their website on: www.omaramba.co.za

At Buffelspoort we stayed in the flats, where 6-8 of us could sleep in one unit.  Unfortunately, we were too rowdy for the neighbours and the security came to silence us several times!  We eventually moved to a secluded swimming pool, away from the flats and there we continued playing music and board games.  The main entertainment area is further down the resort and I must admit, most of us did not visit there at all…so, we will have to go again!  We only spent the day at the top pools where the super tube is and then we continued with our own entertainment at the secluded pool near the flats.  Go and visit their website at:  www.atkvoorde.co.za/buffelspoort

Klein Kariba is an all time favourite!  We have been there a couple of times on a ladies’ weekend and personally we enjoy visiting there with our families and friends as well.  The security on the noise level is also very strict and we have been silenced more than once!  We always stay in the Vishoek houses, which is most affordable, neat and has all the basic needs.  It is definitely a very popular resort and quite often fully booked – we make our bookings at least 6 months in advance.  Visit their website at:  www.atkvoorde.co.za/klein kariba

The accommodation that we stayed in at Aasvoëlkrans was quite unique…with a double bed and bunk beds in each bungalow.  How we got to the top bunk beds was another story!  I think it is meant for children, specifically 🙂  It is a very nice place to visit and quite intimate.  It is not a very large resort, as far as I can remember, and they have a beautiful wedding venue as well. The memories of some of our ladies, dressed in pirate theme attire, crashing a private wedding party, still remains quite clear in my mind! Oh, and their super tube is super high! Visit them at: www.aasvoelkransresort.co.za

When we booked at Nylstroom Lodge, we were quite excited about the facilities there, but I must warn you, the slides are for children and not for adults.  They are made for the smaller generation.  The accommodation that we stayed in was very nice and privately situated away from the rest.  There is an undercover swimming pool and a closed in jacuzzi.  We made use of it all.  I also remember it was a Bulls and Sharks rugby game weekend and half the girls were dressed in blue and the other half in black and white.  We were ready for some action!  There were tamed ponies and some geese walking around the resort which gave us much entertainment and a little frustration.  They would just stick their heads into any packet of chips which was left unattended and eat it and drink any beverages left on the table! All and all we had a fantastic time.  Visit their website at: www.nylstroomlodge.co.za

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