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The FIRST day event was held on 28 February 2015 and the theme was “dancing”.  The venue was beautiful and there was a cash bar that we could make use of.  We had made some snacks for the tables, such as savoury and sweet muffins, cheese and biscuits, marshmallows on a stick and some peanuts and raisons.  The event was only about 3 hours long, therefore plenty food was not necessary.

I have put together video clips / presentation of different dances.  It consisted of 18 video clips, ranging from a short 1 minute to much longer 3-4 minutes.  To name a few…there was Fred Asstaire, tap dancing, the Blue Danube Waltz in ballroom style, clips from well-known movies such as Grease, Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Shall we dance, Pulp Fiction, Michael Jackson’s breakdancing and the moon walk, there was the tango, the twist, the jive and even the A-Z of pole dancing!  It was shown movie style against the wall.  The total length was about 45 minutes.

My eldest daughter gave a short performance on movement which they are taught in University, studying for Drama.  Very impressive how perfectly she moves her body and how flexible she is.  It takes a lot of practice to do what she does.

I had arranged for a belly dancing workshop from a belly dancing studio which was scheduled to last an hour and a half.  The belly dancer gave a short performance and thereafter we all joined in to learn a proper choreographed belly dance.  The moves were quite easy to follow, but the music was pretty fast and you had to keep up!  The belly dancer was professional, friendly and quite patient with us, who were trying to learn and remember the sequence.  The youngest members of the group were doing a much better job than the rest of us and they seem to do the dance quite effortlessly!  I must just ad, that it is more of a workout than a workshop! J

Afterwards we quenched our thirst and mingled a bit.  I believe that the girls enjoyed the interaction part of the event the most.

Because this was the first time ever, that I organised such an event, I had a few lessons to learn and some hard, self-critic to get over.

First off I learnt that when showing or projecting a movie, make sure the background is a light colour/white if there is no screen.  Some of the video clips were basically the same colour as the wall which was light brown and the effect of the clips were lost.  If I had tested the whole presentation before hand, I would have been able to prevent the disappointment I felt whilst showing it.

Secondly, I learnt that if you need to pay the entertainer afterwards, make sure you have the cash on hand – get it ready the day before.

Thirdly, confirm with the entertainer exactly how much time will be spent on the performance etc.  I only realised afterwards that the time performed was merely an hour instead of 1 ½ hours.  The reason for my disappointment was more about the expense, because her service was quite expensive.

And lastly, I learnt that it is important to me and others, that I have faith in myself.  As the time came closer, I felt less sure of myself and even felt like cancelling.  There were a couple of other cancellations which also contributed to my feeling this way, but in the end I realised that, if I give up now, before I even started, I wasn’t going to do it at all.

I have the dearest friends and family that supports me and that makes it all worth it.  They have fun no matter what!

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